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TPW Xpress Woolpress

The world's #1 selling woolpress

  • Renowned tpw eliability, the preferred woolpress of shearing contractors
  • Cycle time of 12-16 seconds in high yielding wool to 200kg
  • Safety screen guard complete with automatic return
  • Swift pack locking system - the fastest on the market

Capable of pressing 90 bales of wool a day, the TPW Xpress Woolpress handles a 10 stand shed with ease. The unique automatic side pinning results in bales being compact, square and contamination free while the powerful yet quiet single hydraulic cylinder ensures more wool is pressed into fewer bales. Compliant with rigorous WorkSafe safety standards, the TPW Xpress ticks all the boxes when it comes to shearing shed safety, reliability and performance.

Models Available

TPW 3HP 240V Single phase soft start - 602-098 
TPW 5.5HP 415V 3 phase - 602-096 
TPW 3HP 480V - 602-097

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Tpw Xpress Woolpress June 2019


Operation height 2740mm
Transport height 2140mm
Box height (filling) 1185mm
Width 1390mm
Depth 970mm
Weight 530kg
Generator size minimum 8KVA
Pressure relief 2600-2700psi
Oil capacity 25L
Pump Variable displacement piston
Cylinder 88.9mm bore x 740mm stroke
Oil type Hyspin AWS 2

TPW Backease Hoist

A vehicle essential for the Ag, Construction & Mining industries.

  • Safely lifts 600kg with extendable 1.2-1.8m boom
  • Easy installation with no loss of load space
  • Hydraulic lift and pressure regulated down movement
  • Lightweight at only 78kg
  • Manual slew over 200 degrees

The AS1418.11 compliant Backease Hoist ensures safety at all times thanks to its hose break check valve, positive slew lock, hydraulic lift and safety standards approved swivel hook.

Available Extras

Sheep Sling - Made from a tough, durable polyvinyl.
Deluxe Drum Sling - With adjustable ratchet strap.
Backease 600 Power Pack - 12 or 24 volt power pack with mounting kit.


TPW 12 Volt Hoist - 600-100 
TPW 24 Volt Hoist - 600-09

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Hoist 1 02

Extension Boom SWL

Length 1.8m 1.6m 1.4m 1.2m
KGs 300 400 500 600
Lift above tray (mm) 2160 2010 1865 1720