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A happy Banana Split fragrance, perfect for that mischievous rascal in your life. Fun-loving Cheeky will keep your pooch fresh and smelling yummy for days.

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Cheeky Cologne 250Ml


With warm spices and oriental notes, Mystic is the perfect choice for those wanting to keep their pets smelling magical between baths.

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Mystic Cologne 250Ml


A low-allergen, soft, subtle fragrance with calming notes of Lavender and Chamomile that leaves a soothing aura for your sensitive pet. Tender is great for those pups who need a little refreshing between baths.

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Tender Cologne 250Ml

Canino No.1

Rich & Exotic - Unisex

This fine fragrance with its ultra-fashionable scent for pets on the go! These quality perfumes keep dogs smelling fresh and clean between baths or visits to the groomer. Canino No 1 Exotic is a fragrance that won't fade fast.


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Canino No 1


Fun & Fruity - Berry

A long-lasting fragrance bursting with fun and fruity notes. Spray on Delightful and experience an explosion of berries, fruits and all the sweetness to tickle your senses and keep your pooch odour free for days.


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Delightful Cologne 250Ml


Warm Tropical – Coconut

If you like Piña colada… Paradise will take you and your pup on an aromatic escape to your tropical dream. Enjoy your beachside holiday for days with its long-lasting warm coconut notes.


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Paradise Cologne 250Ml


Summer Nights – Jasmine

A delicate, gentle and sweet jasmine fragrance to keep your special pet smelling beautiful and odour-free for days. Dusk smells just like that special, sweet memory of a warm summer night.


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Dusk Cologne 250Ml


Creamy & Warm - Vanilla

Smooth, velvety, luscious and creamy, that’s the feeling you get with Sensation. This is a true heart warmer infused with spicy vanilla notes to keep your dog smelling fresh and yummy for days.


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Sensation Cologne 250Ml


Forest Fresh – Woody

Enchanted is an effective, long-lasting deodoriser that keeps your Brutus smelling fresh, clean and visitor friendly. Walk through the forest of freshness with the splash of clean pine and earthy woody notes.


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Enchanted Cologne 250Ml


Soft Musk & Floral - Signature

Springtime gives the feeling of hugging a bouquet of fresh spring flowers. Our most popular signature scent with soft musk and floral notes is a true favourite, giving that freshness and delicateness but provides a long-lasting scent that keeps your pet smelling fragrant for days.


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Springtime Cologne 250Ml


Soft & Cuddly - Puppy Powder

Perfect for the adorable little ones or for your forever fur-babies. Lovable makes your pet irresistibly snuggable and huggable with its soft, delicate baby powder notes. Cuddle all you want with this soft smelling fragrance that lasts for days.


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Lovable Cologne 250Ml

All ProGroom dog colognes are available in 250ml spray bottles

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