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96mm wide; long bevel

Shearing combs designed to shear average to poor shearing merinos fast resulting in big tallies. Delivers a wide blow whilst leaving a beautiful finish.

Right Hand - 714-057
Left Hand - 714-087
Freestyle Freestyle


92mm wide; long bevel

Designed with a straight bottom tooth, the Awesome is preferred by those who shear with a flat hand. Entry is exceptional as the long bevel parts the finest fibres returning a polished finish in the toughest of fine wool sheep.

Awesome Awesome


86mm wide; long bevel

The straight bottom tooth allows easy entry in damp, sticky wool. A favourite in crutching cradles. The ideal comb for use in tough shearing sheep.

Rapier Rapier


93.5mm wide; long bevel

A proven favourite, this comb will provide high tallies in all types of fine wool sheep.

Wicked Wicked


94mm wide; medium bevel

Shearing combs specifically designed for shearing open wooled merinos and tough shearing cross-breds. Particular attention has been placed on the bends of the teeth resulting in a dramatic improvement to the ow of the comb leaving a perfect finish.

Right Hand - 714-077 
Left Hand - 714-067
Reflex Reflex
Shearing Oct 18 07

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