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Heiniger’s patented LG2 technology reduces grease build-up on the back of the comb, provides superior entry and flow and allows the comb to sit better on the pelt of the sheep.

Combs with Heiniger’s unique Bevel Angle Technology have a larger radius on the scallop, allowing for improved entry straight from the box.


84.5mm wide; medium bevel

For use in all types of wool and shearing conditions.

Heiniger Topaz


96mm wide; long bevel

For average to poor shearing merinos. Delivers a wide blow whilst leaving a beautiful finish.

Right Hand - 714-057
Left Hand - 714-087
Heiniger Freestyle


92mm wide; long bevel

For toughest of fine wool sheep. Specifically designed with a flat bottom tooth for those who shear with a flat hand.

Heiniger Awesome


86mm wide; long bevel

For use in tough shearing sheep. The straight bottom tooth allows easy entry in damp, sticky wool making it a favourite in crutching cradles.

Heiniger Rapier


93.5mm wide; long bevel

For all types of fine wool sheep. A proven favourite for achieving high tallies.

Heiniger Wicked


94mm wide; medium bevel

For shearing open wooled merinos and tough shearing cross-breds. Attention has been placed on the bends of the teeth resulting in a perfect finish.

Right Hand - 714-077 
Left Hand - 714-067
Heiniger Reflex
Shearing Oct 18 07

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