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From everyday washing to colour enhancing, ProGroom's dilutable dog shampoo range takes care of tough dirt, while being gentle on the skin, using only natural ingredients tailored to your pet's


Compounded with Waratah plant extracts, hydrolysed Wheat protein, and vitamin B5 to strengthen and add body to the coat. Ideal to revive a fine or limp coat or when extra volume is desired.

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Volume 500Ml


Infused with natural Oatmeal, Lavender and Chamomile, Gentle nourishes and nurtures the coat and is ideal for sensitive pets. The hypoallergenic formula leaves the coat soft, hydrated and shiny.

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Gentle 500Ml


Cleans and nurtures to simultaneously remove grime and hydrate the skin. Enhanced with natural extracts of Pineapple and Cucumber, Balance is ideal for cats, dogs and first washes.

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Balance 500Ml


Loaded with antioxidants and infused with Bamboo, Charcoal and Green Tea, Detox removes impurities and improves the overall health of the coat.

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Detox 500Ml


Versatile All-Rounder Dog Shampoo

  • Gentle and cost effective soap-free dog shampoo
  • Formulated for general purpose use
  • It is the professional’s first choice for an everyday salon shampoo
  • Long lasting fragrance
  • Suits all coat types

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Everyday 500Ml

Spot Gel Cleaner

Formulated for spot cleaning of greasy and stained areas

  • Safe and effective extra strong concentrated gel
  • Reduces sebum and reduces greasiness
  • Perfect those greasy cocker ears
  • Formulated to be safe for use on cats
  • Low allergen fragrance

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Spot Gel Cleaner 500Ml


Deep Cleansing

  • Ideal for first shampoo
  • Gently clarifies without stripping coats natural oils
  • Safe for cats
  • Removes product build-up
  • Suitable for all coat types
  • 🐈 Formulated to be safe for cats too!

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Clarifying 500Ml


Eliminates and Neutralises Odours

  • Deodorises and removes bad odours
  • Leaves coats fresh for days
  • Suitable for all coats
  • Long lasting fragrance
  • Will not alter coat texture
  • Matching cologne

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Deodorise 500Ml


Promotes Coat Manageability

  • Complex conditioning formula
  • Leaves coats silky and shiny
  • Assists in making brushing easier
  • Ideal for coats that matt easily
  • Perfect for Oodle coats or mixed breed coats

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Tangle Less 500Ml

2-in-1 Conditioning

Adds Body and Shine

  • Leaves coats soft and manageable
  • Good for all coat types, when light conditioning is desirable
  • Saves time without the extra conditioning step
  • Ideal for healthy coat maintenance
  • This dog shampoo has a matching fragrance

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2 In 1 Conditioning 500Ml


Gentle Formula

  • Safe for puppies & kittens
  • Leaves coat soft and cuddly
  • Tear-less formula
  • Mild formula with extra conditioners for delicate coats
  • Soft and cuddly fragrance

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Puppy 500Ml


Illuminates Whites

  • Use to add vibrancy to white and light colours
  • Reflect and highlights
  • Neutralises yellow discolouration
  • Does not build-up
  • Ideal for porous coats

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White 500Ml


Deepens Dark Colours

  • Use to darken black or dark coloured coats
  • Optimises lustre
  • Neutralises redness caused by sun bleaching
  • Can be used on black/tan or brindle coats.

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Black 500Ml


Reflects All Colours

  • Use to reflect and illuminate all colours
  • Makes colours pop with its unique glistening effect
  • Optimises and adds lustre to dull or damaged coats
  • Ideal for all combined colour coats

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Brightening 500Ml

Dermal Care

Rejuvenates Skin

  • Use on sensitive pets that itch a lot
  • Gently cleanses without stripping natural oils
  • Contains Natural Glycerine and Aloe Vera to moisturise
  • Jojoba that keeps skin comfortable and calm
  • Allantoin a natural-occurring humectant and anti-irritant
  • Formulated to care with kind naturally hydrating ingredients to maintain skin health
  • 🐈 Formulated to be safe for cats too!

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Dermal Care 500Ml

Coat Care

Restores and Maintains Coats

  • Natural plant extracts and collagen to protect and restore vitality to all coats
  • Pro Vitamin B5 to replenish and strengthen
  • Rice protein restores integrity and builds volume
  • Sweet almond oil to smooth and moisturise
  • Allantoin a natural-occurring humectant and anti-irritant
  • 🐈 Formulated to be safe for cats too!

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Coat Care 500Ml

Xtra Clean

Extremely Greasy or Dirty

  • Deep cleansing and degreasing action removes grease and excess oil from coat
  • Naturally derived odor absorbing agent
  • 🐈 Formulated to be safe for cats too, to obtain a light and fluffy coat!

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Xtra Clean 500Ml

ProGroom products are dilutable!

Check out our Dilution Bottle & Dilution Chart

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