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Elastic belt with genuine leather tongue and steel buckle.

Wide 52mm (sizes 32-44 inches) 607-022W 
Narrow 34mm (sizes 32-52 inches) 607-022N


(S - XL) 607-037 

Harness Braces

(S - XL) 607-038 
Heiniger Belt

BO Yangs

Takes the pain from shearers knees by lifting and strapping the jeans around the calves.


Arm Band

Reduces the pain of tendinitis.

(S - XL) 607-026
Bo Yangs And Arm Bands

Gunrunner Gear Bags

Made from heavy duty PVC, water-proof and designed to last.

Small - 607-034 
Gunrunner Gear Bag

Gunrunner Backwarmers

Wool (S - XL) - 607-025 
Thermal (S - XL) - 607-024 
Gunrunner Back Warmer

Gunrunner Comb Covers & Pouches

Leather 6 pocket - 607-039 
Leather 9 Pocket - 607-040
Felt 6 pocket - 607-027 
Felt 9 Pocket - 607-028

Comb Covers

For Show Shearers

Gunrunner Comb Cover And Pouches

Tally Counter

0-999 push button operation, chrome plated with instant reset.

Tally Counter

Heiniger Comb Brush

Specifically designed for cleaning shearing combs. Durable materials, incorporates metal scraper.


Heiniger Screwdriver

Octagonal handle for excellent grip.

Heiniger Brush And Screwdriver

Strop 'N' Shine Kit

Unique design ensures smooth tips and an ultra gloss on all Heiniger comb types. Comes complete with carry bag and polish.

Full kit - 523-015
Polish only - 523-016
Strop N Shine Kit

Calico Mop

For comb polishing.

Unbleached/uncoloured to prevent wool contamination.

Use with Heiniger polishing wax.

Calico Mop

Polishing Wax

Use in conjunction with calico mop on bright boys or small grinders to achieve outstanding shine.

Polishing Wax

Leather Strop

Removes pitting and chipped edges from comb tips enabling smooth entry.

4mm thick cow hide.

Leather Strop

Needle & Cotton

Needle & Cotton - 715-352 
Needle Cotton

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Heiniger Shearing Oil Can 04
Shearing Oct 18 07

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