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Pro Magic

A Groomers Magic Wand

  • Speeds up drying time
  • Amazing detangling and improved coat manageability
  • Protects hair from heat damage and grooming tools
  • Adds incredible lustre and shine to finished coats
  • Deters dirt and odours
  • Controls static
  • Maintains style longer
Pro Magic is available in 500ml and 5L ready to use, as well as 500ml concentrate.

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F500 Ml Pro Magic 2

Pro Magic speeds up drying time and gives a lovely finish, especially to drop coats and aids in the shedding of working dogs and border collies. I wouldn’t be without it.

Pampered Paws Dog Grooming Salon


Non-softening Conditioner

  • Protects Coats Without adding Softness
  • Promotes texture and protects coats without adding softness
  • Gentle natural acidifier that seals hair and skin to retain moisture
  • Does not change texture of the coat
  • Ideal for coarse/wire coats or scissor cuts and naturally oily coats
  • Minimises damage caused by grooming
Pet Conditioner

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1 L Crisp Conditioner


Soft and Silky

  • Lightly moisturises and rehydrates without weighing down coat
  • Eliminates static and creates coat manageability
  • Adds shine and lustre
Pet Conditioner

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F500 Ml Rehydrating Conditioner 1


Deep Conditioning Masque Treatment

  • Reconstructs and restores integrity and health to dry and damaged coats
  • Penetrates and repairs cells to restore moisture balance
  • Contains Keratin Protein, Quaternized Honey and Pro Vitamin B5
Pet Conditioner

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1 L Intense Treatment

Dermal Care

Rejuvenates Skin

  • Natural moisturising agents to retain moisture balance
  • Protects against elements that can cause skin dry out and cause itching
  • Caring conditioning formula that is less likely to trigger reactions in sensitive pets
Pet Conditioner

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Dermal Care Conditioner

Coat Care

Restores and Maintains Coats

  • Rich emollient formula
  • Restores vitality and imparts manageability to coats
  • Natural plant extracts and wheat proteins moisturise, build volume, protect and restore troublesome coats
Pet Conditioner

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Coat Care Conditioner

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