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Gentle Easy Rinse

Ideal for sensitive pets with a hypoallergenic formula. Gentle Easy Rinse provides rapid results and faster drying times with a low allergen fragrance and natural Aloe Vera and ultra-emollients that hydrate and moisturise the coat.

Gentle Easy Rinse Conditioner 500Ml

Everyday Easy Rinse

Save time with ProGroom’s brand new Easy Rinse Conditioner which provides faster rinsing and drying time and leaves your pet smelling fresh for longer! Easy Rinse hydrates and moisturises the coat with aloe-vera and ultra emollients, leaving it healthy and shiny.

With an ultra concentrated, easy flow formula, Easy Rinse is ideal for hydrobaths, automatic dog washes and professional groomer use.

Easy Rinse compliments the fragrance of ProGroom’s Everyday “pink” Shampoo and Springtime cologne.

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Easy Rinse 500 5 L

Pro Magic

A Groomers Magic Wand

  • Speeds up drying time
  • Amazing detangling and improved coat manageability
  • Protects hair from heat damage and grooming tools
  • Adds incredible lustre and shine to finished coats
  • Deters dirt and odours
  • Controls static
  • Maintains style longer

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Pro Magic Ready To Use 500Ml Spray

Pro Magic speeds up drying time and gives a lovely finish, especially to drop coats and aids in the shedding of working dogs and border collies. I wouldn’t be without it.

Pampered Paws Dog Grooming Salon


Non-softening Conditioner

  • Protects Coats Without adding Softness
  • Promotes texture and protects coats without adding softness
  • Gentle natural acidifier that seals hair and skin to retain moisture
  • Does not change texture of the coat
  • Ideal for coarse/wire coats or scissor cuts and naturally oily coats
  • Minimises damage caused by grooming
  • 🐈 Formulated to be safe for cats too!

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Crisp 500Ml


Soft and Silky

  • Lightly moisturises and rehydrates without weighing down coat
  • Eliminates static and creates coat manageability
  • Adds shine and lustre

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Hydrate 500Ml


Deep Conditioning Masque Treatment

  • Reconstructs and restores integrity and health to dry and damaged coats
  • Penetrates and repairs cells to restore moisture balance
  • Contains Keratin Protein, Quaternized Honey and Pro Vitamin B5

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Intense 1 L

Dermal Care

Rejuvenates Skin

  • Natural moisturising agents to retain moisture balance
  • Protects against elements that can cause skin dry out and cause itching
  • Caring conditioning formula that is less likely to trigger reactions in sensitive pets

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Dermal Care Conditioner 500Ml

Coat Care

Restores and Maintains Coats

  • Rich emollient formula
  • Restores vitality and imparts manageability to coats
  • Natural plant extracts and wheat proteins moisturise, build volume, protect and restore troublesome coats

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Coat Care Conditioner 500Ml

ProGroom products are dilutable!

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