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Equine Collection Trial Pack

Our all-new Equine Collection Trial Packs include everything you need to experience the before and after transformation that everyone has been raving about. This trial pack of 3 ultra concentrate 250ml bottles is good for 10 washes.

  • 1x 250ml Enhance Horse Shampoo
    For the ultimate show finish & shine
  • 1x 250ml Cleanse Horse Shampoo
    For whiter whites & stain removal
  • 1x 250ml Restore Horse Conditioner
    For total coat repair & protection

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Cleanse Horse Shampoo

Transform dirty horses with the power of Cleanse - a pre-clip must have!
Perfect for getting whiter whites and tackling stains. Cleanse removes stubborn stains and product build-up without dulling the coat and is the ideal solution for horses that don’t get washed frequently.


  • Contains Pure Sage essential oil renowned for adding shine & lustre
  • Effective cleaning without irritation
  • Removes all traces of dirt, sweat, urine and faeces
  • Does not strip natural oils
  • Easily rinsed soap-free formula leaves no residue
  • Leaves a natural healthy sheen
  • Concentrated formula

Suitable for:

  • Pre-clipping washing
  • Stubborn stains
  • Extremely dirty horses
  • Keeping white coats white

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Equine Cleanse Shampoo 1 L New

Enhance Horse Shampoo

Get that show-ready shine with the “scent-sational” Enhance Shampoo – perfect for that ultimate show finish!
Enhance Shampoo highlights natural colours using advanced optical brighteners for radiance and natural glossifiers for the ultimate shine. The perfect shampoo to use before show day.


  • Contains Pure Argan oil renowned for its healthy moisturising & strengthening benefits to show coats
  • Illuminates all-natural coat colours and magnifies highlights
  • Optimises the lustrous appearance of the coat
  • Does not build-up or strip natural oils
  • Easily rinsed soap-free formula leaves no residue
  • Enhances the appearance of dull or faded coats
  • Concentrated formula
  • Amazing fragrance

Suitable for:

  • Show days
  • Dull coats
  • Multi-coloured horses
  • Winning look

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Equine Enhance Shampoo 1 L New

Maintain Horse Shampoo

Preserve peak condition and beauty with Maintain Shampoo – perfect for keeping the moisture in and the damage out!
Maintain Shampoo is a gentle conditioning shampoo which is ideal for those who want a convenient 2-in-1 solution.


  • Contains Pure Cedarwood oil renowned for its amazing benefits for horses - it naturally deters dirt and protect the coat
  • Simultaneously revitalises and conditions the coat
  • Leaves coat soft and shiny with beautiful lustre
  • Does not strip natural oils
  • Easy rinsing with less water required
  • Extra emollients to maintain coat
  • Concentrated formula

Suitable for:

  • Quick washes
  • Dry and damage manes and tails

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Equine Maintain Shampoo 1 L New

Restore Horse Conditioner

Reach for Restore Conditioner to get total coat and skin repair and protection - perfect for an after-clip rinse to seal coats and add gloss!
Restore Conditioner’s protein-enriched formula is packed with nourishing emollients that replenishes moisture and vitality to skin. Strengthens and provides manageability to manes and tails. The ultimate conditioner that protects against elements that can cause damage. Use regularly to maintain coat health and protect against damage.


  • Contains pure rosehip oil this remarkable oil rejuvenates and protects coat and skin
  • Moisturises, adds gloss and shine
  • Smoothens the surfaces of the hair and adds volume
  • Creates softness and improves manageability
  • Hydrates returns skin to natural PH prior to wash
  • Natural proteins that build strength, prevent breakage

Suitable for:

  • Maintaining manes and tail
  • Dry and dull hair

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Equine Restore Conditioner 1 L New

Equine Collection Horse Shampoo & Conditioner is ultra concentrated!

Why dilute:

  • Get up to 30 washes per 1L bottle
  • Easier application, coverage and lathering
  • Effective, yet gentle on your hands and on your horse's coat

Check out our Dilution Bottle & Dilution Chart

Dilution 12


  • Perfect for manes, tails & heavy horse feathers
  • Can be used as a spot cleaner on tough stains when diluted

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Degreaser 58

Whitening Shampoo

  • Enhances whites without turning your pony purple
  • Works using a reflective dark pigment not a purple toner

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Whitening 500Ml

Dermal Care Shampoo & Conditioner

  • Perfect as both a skin and hair care product
  • Designed to be low irritant for sensitive skin

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Dermal Care Range 05
Equine Oct 1817 17

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