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Pioneers of Shearing Shed Safety and Reliability

Shearing shed safety starts with the world's largest selling & most trusted shearing plant & woolpress.

Preventable injuries cost farmers, contractors and the wool industry significant sums annually, not to mention the pain and suffering caused by the injuries.

Heiniger, one of the pioneers of workplace safety, invests heavily in research and development and listens to the demands of the shearing industry. The shed safety features delivered by Heiniger’s advancements are invaluable, not only offering superior quality, performance and reliability, but most importantly ensuring safety and protecting the lives of everyone in a shearing shed.

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Did you know that capital equipment such as shearing plants and woolpresses are eligible for a 100% Tax Write Off for small businesses in Australia?

Make sure you capitalise!*

* Check eligibility with your taxation advisor

Is Your Shearing Shed Safe?

Take the Heiniger 4-Point Shed Safety Check.

Does my shearing plant offer a safety cut-out in case of lock-up?

Is my shearing plant isolated from electric shock?

Does my woolpress have a safety guard?

Is my woolpress operator safe?

Employee shed safety is in our best interest. Our staff love the EVO because it runs smoothly, efficiently and is safe - this is the way forward!

Darren Spencer

Our dedication to safety doesn't stop at shearing sheds.

We're committed to making farms safer overall with our TPW Backease Hoist that safely lifts loads up to 600kg with ease.

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Backease Hoist

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