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Canino No.1

The finest fragrance from ProGroom

The elegant and long-lasting unisex perfume for the modern day canine. Canino N°1 embodies the freshness of mint, the boldness of bergamot and the warm comfort of lavender and vanilla.

Embrace your MVP (most valuable pooch) with a remarkable fragrance that will turn heads and captivate the senses.

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Canino No 1


Delightful Cologne contains fun, youthful fruity berry notes to brighten your pet’s day.

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250Ml Delightful Cologne Copy


Paradise Cologne with its warm coconut notes will take you on an aromatic escape to a tropical paradise.

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250Ml Paradise Cologne


Dusk Cologne contains lingering jasmine notes to calm.

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250Ml Dusk Cologne


Sensation Cologne contains delicious warm spicy vanilla notes, all your friends will want cuddles!

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250Ml Sensation Cologne


Enchanted Cologne contains long lasting earthy green notes ideal for the smelly pet.

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250Ml Enchanted Cologne


Springtime Cologne has soft floral notes for the sweet one.

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250Ml Springtime Cologne


Lovable Cologne contains loving baby powder notes, perfect for puppies and kittens.

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250Ml Lovable Cologne

All ProGroom colognes are available in 250ml spray bottles

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